Sentence Examples

  • Now that Paris is headed to the big house to serve time for violating her probation, it just seemed, well, newsworthy to drag out this track, her hit from last summer.
  • In addition, storylines have run the gamut from tame to tantalizing, and in recent decades the program's most newsworthy plots have enjoyed immense media attention.
  • While hairstyles of soap opera actresses may not seem to be a newsworthy feature, it's a fact that these women influence hairstyles, makeup choices and more.
  • Stories of loss, strife and recovery abound and offer a myriad of directions to expound upon the newsworthy and personal aspects of the news accounts.
  • Delving more deeply, you'll also find newsworthy stories about lingerie and advertisements like that of the French advertising sector that is currently calling for a local underwear manufacturer to pull their "racy" adverts.