Sentence Examples

  • A fireplace was often provided to warm the neophytes after immersion.
  • There was talk in California of the rights of man and neophytes, and of the sins of friars.
  • In 1826 a beginning toward it was made in partially emancipating the neophytes, but active and thorough secularization of the missions did not begin until 1834; by 1835 it was consummated at sixteen missions out of twenty-one, and by 1840 at all.
  • The soldiers of Coroticus (Ceretic), a British king of Strathclyde, had in the course of a raid in Ireland killed a number of Christian neophytes on the very day of their baptism while still clad in white garments.
  • It is most probable that this tiny volume was simply a sort of first lesson book for young neophytes when they joined the order.

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