Sentence Examples

  • That general, Championnets successor, had been compelled by these reverses and by the threatening pressure of Nelsons fleet to evacuate Naples and central Italy.
  • The isolation of Bonaparte in Egypt, as the result Bonaparte of Nelsons victory of the Nile (1798), had enabled bftaks up the allies to recover some of the ground lost to France.
  • EEis tenure of power was, indeed, marked by British 1 uccesses abroad; by Nelsons victory at Copenhagen, which broke up the northern alliance, and by Abercromb-ys victory tt Alexandria, which forced the French to evacuate Egypt; but these had been prepared by the previous administration.
  • In the following month(October 2 1)Nelsons crowning victory ~ at Trafalgar over the allied fleets of France and Spain relieved England of the dread of invasion.
  • This was an international coup de force, which presupposed that all these nations in whose eyes independence was flaunted would make no claim to enjoy it; that though they had been beaten and pillaged they would not learn to conquer in their turn; and that the king of Sardinia, dispossessed of Milan, the grand-duke of Tuscany who Md given refuge to the pope when driven from Rome, and the king of Naples, ~iho had opened his ports to Nelsons fleet, would not find allies to make a stand against this hypocritical system.