Sentence Examples

  • It was here that velvets were first made about 1756, by Jeremiah Clarke, and muslins and cotton quiltings in 1763.
  • Meshed had formerly a great transit trade to Central Asia, of European manufactures, mostly Manchester goods, which came by way of Trebizond, Tabriz and Teheran; and of Indian goods and produce, mostly muslins and Indian and green teas, which came by way of Bander Abbasi.
  • The famous manufacture of fine muslins is almost extinct, but the carving of shells, carried on from ancient times, is an important industry in the city.
  • The weaving industry and the manufacture of fine Dacca muslins have greatly fallen off, owing to the competition of European piece goods.
  • Through it passed the silks of Bambyce, called bombazines, the light textiles of Mosul (mosulines - muslins) and many other commodities for the wealthy and luxurious.

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