Sentence Examples

  • "Our fire is mowing them down by rows, but still they hold on," said the adjutant.
  • When Father and we went out mowing there were seven of us.
  • The writer does not approve of the common practice of cutting wheat high and then mowing the stubbles.
  • In 1875, at Taunton, special prizes were awarded for onehorse and two-horse mowing-machines, hay-making machines, horse-rakes (self-acting and not self-acting), guards to the drums of threshing-machines, and combined guards and feeders to the drums of threshing-machines.
  • Wood Mowing and Reaping Machine Co., which dates from 1866, the business having been started in 1852 by Walter Abbott Wood (1815-1892), who was a Republican representative in Congress in 1879-1883.

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