Sentence Examples

  • Dusty materialized beside him, his gun roaring in the narrow hallway as he mowed down Jilian's men.
  • The Garibaldians, mowed down by the new French chassept rifles, fought until their last cartridges were exhausted, and retreated the next day towards the Italian frontier, leaving 800 prisoners.
  • Soon after, the men in black mowed down two of Dan's men, and the three of them were left to fend for themselves.
  • 32), and it is their heathen enemies, assembled before Jerusalem to war against Yahweh, who shall be mowed down in the valley of Jehoshaphat ("Yahweh judgeth") by no human arm, but by heavenly warriors.
  • Fourteen times the squadrons of King Philip came back to the charge; but mowed down by the arrow-shower, they seldom could get to handstrokes with the English knights, and at last rode off the field in disorder.