Sentence Examples

  • The effects of morphine are much more deleterious than those of opiumsmoking.
  • The remedy most trusted to in this disease is opium and its alkaloids, morphine and codeine.
  • In some abdominal conditions, for instance, opium is still preferred by the majority of practitioners, though certainly not in gastric cases, where morphine gives the relief for which opium often increases the need, owing to the irritant action of some of its constituents.
  • The sale and use of morphine in India and Burma is now restricted.
  • Piperine, conine, atropine, belladonine, cocaine, hyoscyamine and nicotine have been already synthesized; the constitution of several others requires confirmation, while there remain many important alkaloids - quinine, morphine, strychnine, &c. - whose constitution remains unknown.