Sentence Examples

  • Morphinism (Morphinomania).-Chronic morphine poisoning is very common, as morphine taken constantly creates a habit.
  • The early stages of morphinism are marked by moral degeneration; the patient seems to lose all sense of right and wrong, and will lie most plausibly and even thieve to obtain the drug; personal disorderliness, disregard of time, neglect of business and decline of family affection become soon evident.
  • While not directly causing death, morphinism so lowers the bodily powers that the patient is easily carried off by some intercurrent malady.
  • For the successf ul treatment of morphinism, complete isolation of the patient is necessary in a place where he is supervised so that he can obtain no morphine.
  • A violent paroxysm of asthma may be arrested by the administration of morphine subcutaneously, but the practice should not be continued, as there is great danger in a chronic disease that the patient may become the victim of morphinism.