Sentence Examples

  • Moreover, the narrow passages between the eastern monoliths had become worn by use into hollows which threatened their foundations.
  • The beautiful varieties of porphyry - green, red, striped - which are obtained, often in big monoliths, near Kolyvan, are cut at the imperial stone-cutting factory into vases and other ornaments, familiar in the art galleries and palaces of Europe.
  • The " megalithic " monuments of Agia Phaneromeni 1 and Hala Sultan Teke near Larnaca may perhaps be early, like the Palestinian cromlechs; but the vaulted chamber of Agia Katrina near Enkomi seems to be Mycenaean or later; and the perforated monoliths at Ktima seem to belong to oil presses of uncertain but probably not prehistoric date.
  • The splendid alignment of monoliths at Gezer is described in detail in P.E.F.
  • The three hundred-foot monoliths offer superb acoustics for any type of performance.