Sentence Examples

  • Near Kempoch point is a monolith of mica-schist, 6 ft.
  • High, probably the finest sculptured monolith in Scotland, stands in a field to the east of the town.
  • High, parts of a mosque, an aqueduct, a number of walls of other buildings and a four-sided monolith, measuring 92 ft.
  • The next class of dam to be considered is that in which the structure as a whole is so bound together that, with certain reservations, it may be considered as a monolith subject chiefly to the overturning tendency of waterpressure resisted by the weight of the structure itself and the supporting pressure of the foundation.
  • A portion of its western front, adorned with monolith unfluted Corinthian columns, is still standing - the familiar " Stoa of Hadrian "; another well-preserved portion, with six pilasters, runs parallel to the west side of Aeolus Street.