Sentence Examples

  • The Burmese in person have the Mongoloid characteristics common to the Indo-Chinese races, the Tibetans and tribes of the Eastern Himalaya.
  • In the four subdivisions of humanity based on the hair, the Americans are straight-haired or Mongoloid.
  • On the other hand they are considerably like the Mongoloid peoples of north and east Asia (less so to the Polynesians); so that the general tendency among anthropologists has been to admit a common origin, however remote, between the tribes of Tartary and of America.
  • Broadly speaking, the Himalayas are peopled by Mongoloid tribes; the great river plains of Hindustan are still the home of the Aryan race; the triangular table-land has formed an arena for a long struggle between that gifted race from the north and what is known as the Dravidian stock in the south.
  • The " Alpine race " is commonly supposed to be Mongoloid in origin and to have come from Asia, the home of round-skulled races.