Sentence Examples

  • Under the names of Yenking, which it received from the Khitan, and of Chung-tu, which it had from the Kin, it holds a conspicuous place in the wars of Jenghiz Khan against the latter dynasty.
  • In 986 it was taken by an invading force of Khitan Tatars, who adopted it as their headquarters and named it Nanking, or the "southern capital."
  • It is derived from Khitai, or Khitat, the name which was properly that of the kingdom established by the Khitan conquerors in the northern provinces of China about A.D.
  • 3 Thus under the Chow dynasty (1122-225 B.C.) they were known as Sewshin, and at subsequent periods as Yih-low, Wuh-keih, Moh-hoh, Pohai, Niichih and according to the Chinese historians also as Khitan.