Sentence Examples

  • After her 'Tour Of The Mongoose' (2002/3), Shakira released a DVD and CD compilation album from the tour in 2004 entitled 'Live And Off The Record'.
  • Dog bites are the major origin of infection for humans in developing countries, but other important host animals are the wolf, mongoose, and bat.
  • The Anne Cole Swimwear studio, founded in 1978, is based at Mongoose Junction, on St. John, in the US Virgin Islands.
  • Some more or less immune creatures are the mongoose, the hedgehog and the pig, the secretary-bird, the honey buzzard, the stork and probably other snake-eaters.
  • The same mongoose also refused to eat a kestrel (Cerchneis rupicoloides) and a hobby (Falco subbuteo), although it devoured certain other birds that were given to it.