Sentence Examples

  • Cohen's publicity stunt also benefited swimwear manufacturer Mondo Tees.
  • Of the long Aztec migration seem historical, and the map of Mexico still shows the names of several settlements recorded in the curious migration map, published by Gemelli Careri (Giro deli mondo, Venice, 1728) and commented on by Humboldt; among, these local names are Tzompanco, " place of skulls," now Zumpango in the north of the Mexican valley, and Chapultepec,.
  • De Creu y Bertodanos Coleccion de los tratados de paz, alianza, neutralidad, garanzia, proteccion, treguia y mediacion, &c., que han hecho los reyes de Espana con los pueblos, republicas y demas poten,cias y otras partes del mondo, in 12 vOls.
  • Thus, in the full anticipation of added renown, and without any misgiving as to ulterior consequences, Galileo set himself, on his return to Florence, to complete his famous but ill-starred work, the Dialogo dei due massimi sistemi del mondo.
  • The friendly wait staff serves egg omelettes, speciality homemade burgers such as the breakfast burger or the mondo burger with cheddar cheese and bacon.