Mone Definition


(archaic) A companion.


Origin of Mone

  • From Middle English monien, from Old English monian, manian (“to bring to mind what ought to be done, urge upon one what ought to be done, admonish, warn, exhort, instigate, bring to mind what should not be forgotten, remind, suggest, prompt, tell what ought to be done, teach, instruct, advise, claim, demand, ask of a person, remember”), from Proto-Germanic *manōną (“to admonish”), from Proto-Indo-European *men- (“to think”). Cognate with Eastern Frisian mania (“to admonish”), Dutch manen (“to admonish”), German mahnen (“to remind, admonish, urge”).

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  • From Middle English mone, imone, from Old English gemāna (“community, company, society, common property, communion, companionship, intercourse, cohabitation”), from Proto-Germanic *gamainô (“community”), from Proto-Indo-European *moini- (“common, collective”).

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  • From Middle English mone, alteration (affected by monien (“to admonish”)) of *mine (“mind”), from Middle English minen, mynen, munen, from Old English ġemynan, ġemunan (“to remember”). More at mind.

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