Sentence Examples

  • Of tion to observe the whole of the Mosaic law,"and" outran the Old Testament monotheism by a barren monarchian.- ism that denied the divinity of Christ "(Kurtz, Church History, i.
  • The early Montanists (the prophets themselves) used expressions which seem to indicate a Monarchian conception of the person of Christ.
  • One great divergence is manifest: Tertullian never himself deviated from orthodoxy and vehemently asserts the orthodoxy of all Montanists, but both Montanus ("I am the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost") and Maximilla ("I am Word and Spirit and Power") used language which has a distinctly "monarchian" flavour.
  • Zahn acutely suggests that it was omitted in the time of Zephyrinus to counteract Monarchian teaching such as the formula: " believe in one God, Jesus Christ."