Sentence Examples

  • MONARCHIANISM, a theological term designating the view taken by those Christians who, within the Church, towards the end of the 2nd century and during the 3rd, opposed the doctrine of an independent personal subsistence of the Logos.
  • It is usual to speak of two kinds of monarchianism - the dynamistic and the modalistic, though the distinction cannot be carried through without some straining of the texts.
  • Modalistic monarchianism, conceiving that the whole fullness of the Godhead dwelt in Christ, took exception to the "subordinatianism" of some Church writers, and maintained that the names Father and Son were only two different designations of the same subject, the one God, who "with reference to the relations in which He had previously stood to the world is called the Father, but in reference to His appearance in humanity is called the Son."
  • (For the subsequent history of modalistic monarchianism see SABELLIUS.) See the Histories of Dogma by A.
  • To Swedenborgianism) to any modalistic Monarchianism (Christ one phase of God.