Sentence Examples

  • Although she was very concerned about me because I had gained 65 pounds in the course of the pregnancy and was starting to show some edema in my legs, the midwife was wonderful in the four weeks that she worked with us before the birth.
  • If your pregnancy is high risk, your doctor or midwife should provide clear documentation of the risks associated with your pregnancy and any special precautions you should take, including maternity leave recommendations.
  • And while folklore places another uses for black cohosh as an herb to induce labor, it should never be used for this purpose except under the supervision of an herbalist, nurse midwife, or skilled naturopathic physician.
  • States file a "certificate of live birth" for every individual born in the U.S. These forms are recorded first in the county of birth by a doctor, midwife or hospital administrator, and then sent to the state.
  • If you don't have medical insurance or you have a plan that doesn't cover maternity care, keep in mind that a midwife assisted home birth typically costs 30-50% less than a comparable hospital birth.