Sentence Examples

  • They should do more than conjure up the image of granny in her gown and cap, shuffling her feet along the hardwood floors in her slippers early during the morning (if they don't already, hopefully they will after you read up on them).
  • Many of the styles, such as the Lace Up Granny Boot with baroque style laces and a chunky heel, and the orange and green floral print in the Elsie Floral Rebel, offer a nostalgic return to the past.
  • Although nobody knows for certain how the term 'granny panties' integrated into popular culture, it likely relates to the garment's reputation as a preferred underwear choice among older women.
  • The granny panty earned its biggest accolades when Renee Zellweger donned a pair for her role as Bridget Jones in the movies, Bridget Jones's Diary and Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason.
  • The vast majority of men that wear panties enjoy the full briefs or the granny panty styles, not thongs or sexy underwear or anything, more of the retro, vintage style panties.