Sentence Examples

  • Coffin and Trout sells a ring called the Riserva, which is white gold and platinum with meteorite and diamonds in the side.
  • If you watch Meteor, you'll distinctly hear the instrument used in the scenes where the huge meteorite hurtles toward Earth.
  • Moissanite was first discovered in 1893 by Nobel Prize winning scientist Dr. Henri Moissan while he was studying meteorite fragments at the Diablo Canyon in Arizona.
  • Invicta's watch designers delight the public with the unique materials used in their creations, including a dial made from a meteorite and the first watch made of both platinum and 18K gold.
  • The sun is a small target for a meteorite coming from infinity to hit, and if this considerable quantity reaches its mark, a much greater amount will circulate round the sun in parabolas, and there is no evidence of it where it would certainly make itself felt, in perturbations of the planets.