Sentence Examples

  • According to J, Balaam was among his own people the BneAmmon when Balak sent messengers to him with presents such as soothsayers generally received, asking him to come and curse a people that had come up out of Egypt.
  • Suleimans demand, however, for extradition or execution was too peremptory for refusal, and the prince was delivered up to the messengers sent to take him.
  • If it please you, my king, I will send messengers to your advisors for word on Sirian.
  • The realm heard almost by the same messengers that it had lost one king and that it had gained another.
  • Of Denmark visited Kola and exacted homage in 1599, and every year sent messengers to protest against the collection of his tribute by the Swedes (a custom which continued down to 1806).