Sentence Examples

  • The rocking-bar consists of a carrier a fixed to the cradle, a rockingbar d pivoted to the carrier at e, a sight bar f carrying the sights and sighting telescope.
  • Carrier, the perpetrator of the noyades of Nantes.
  • Its geographical distribution is of the widest, and its rapidity of breeding, in manure and dooryard filth, so great that, as a carrier of germs of disease, especially cholera and typhoid, the house-fly is now recognized as a potent source of danger; and various sanitary regulations have been made, or precautions suggested, for getting rid of it.
  • It held shipper as well as carrier, and corporation as well as its officer or agent, liable for violations of the act, and conferred upon United States courts power to employ equity processes in putting an end to discrimination.
  • The only immaculate carrier was the Egyptian.