Sentence Examples

  • His reign, which began soon after the close of the second Messenian War, is said to have been quiet and uneventful (Pausanias iii.
  • In historical times it belonged to the Ozolian Locrians; but about 455 B.C., in spite of a partial resettlement with Locrians of Opus, it fell to the Athenians, who peopled it with Messenian refugees and made it their chief naval station in western Greece during the Peloponnesian war.
  • L.c.), and it is noteworthy that the name occurs in Arcadian and Messenian legends.
  • ARISTODEMUS (8th century B.C.), semi-legendary ruler of Messenia in the time of the first Messenian War.
  • In the thirteenth year of the war, Euphaes, the Messenian king, died.