Sentence Examples

  • They were served a kind of pancake that Bordeaux said was made from ground Mesquite beans.
  • Farther west two narrow belts of timber, consisting mostly of stunted post oak and black jack, and known as the Eastern and Western Cross Timbers, cross the prairies southward from the Red river, and a low growth of mesquite, other shrubs and vines are common in the eastern half of the Prairie Plains.
  • Bouteloua with numerous species (mesquite grass, grama grass) on the plains of the south-western United States, afford good grazing.
  • Another variety, obtained from the Prosopis dulcis, a leguminous plant, is called gum mesquite or mezquite; it comes from western Texas and Mexico, and is yellowish in colour, very brittle and quite soluble in water.
  • Grilled over mesquite, the way the Apache Indians have cooked for thousands of years, the steak, poultry and seafood are cooked to order and the fresh meats are combined with vegetables and produce from local growers.