Sentence Examples

  • The fascinating thing with the merchandising and marketing departments associated with these products is that they are always looking at ways to crossover the different categories and industries.
  • The film is curious as the previous effort did not receive as much as other Pixar offerings in the box office, although merchandising deals since the release have been quite productive.
  • One of the most impressive things about KISS, besides their catchy rock melodies and unparalleled stage performances, has always been Gene Simmons' marketing and merchandising genius.
  • While it's not uncommon that a popular television show or a movie inspires a lot of merchandising, it is less common for popular merchandise to inspire television shows and movies.
  • In product merchandising, she surpassed the billion-dollar mark in 2004, and remains a leading TV character brand contender, equal in footing to all the Disney princesses.