Sentence Examples

  • About 4,000,000 tons of merchandize pass through Breslau (up and down) on the Oder in the year.
  • It became a depot for all merchandize brought from the south-east, and even English merchants established;warehouses there.
  • In 1363, in answer to a remonstrance against the mischief caused by "the merchants called grocers who engrossed all manner of merchandize vendable, and who suddenly raised the prices of such merchandize within the realm," it was enacted "that all artificers and people of mysteries shall each choose his own mystery 1 before next Candlemas, and that, having so chosen it, he shall henceforth use no other."
  • Yet we s~till find complaints that too much merchandize reached and left England in foreign bottoms, and King Edwards treaty with the Hansa was censured mainly for this reason.