Sentence Examples

  • The chief historical interest of the town centres round the socalled "Fishguard Invasion" of 1797, in which year on the 2 2nd of February three French men-of-war with troops on board, under the command of General Tate, an Irish-American adventurer, appeared off Carreg Gwastad Point in the adjoining parish of Llanwnda.
  • The Russian commander massed his troops in heavy columns after the fashion of 1813, and drew in his left wing so that it should as far as possible be out of range of the allied men-of-war, which were sailing down the coast in line with their land forces.
  • The port has assumed first-class importance, mail steamers calling vL23 d regularly as well as men-of-war and the mercantile marine of all nations; and it is now one of the finest artificial harbours in the world.
  • The treaty required, with questionable wisdom, that a constitution should be established, and this was accordingly the English troops and men-of-war.
  • Ganteaume met with some measure of success in capturing isolated British men-of-war, one of them being a 74, the " Swiftsure."