Sentence Examples

  • Click the right arrow as the jellyfish to the right pass into the dotted line, the down arrow as the jellyfish in the center get to the dotted line, and the left arrow as the jellyfish to the left approach the center of the dotted line.
  • The more accurate you are about hitting the buttons when the jellyfish are in the center of the dotted line, the more points you earn to build up your trick meter to the far left of the play screen.
  • These range from the bites from a neighbor's dog or cat to bites from fellow humans and spiders to the stings from bees, wasps, snakes, and marine animals such as jellyfish and stingrays.
  • Especially during the summer months, stinging seaweed plants and jellyfish may wash up on shore, and couples should check whether or not the beach is cleared of this and other debris.
  • Swimmers, divers, surfers, fishermen and marine biologists may experience a jellyfish sting if they swim or wade too close to the animal, or practice improper handling techniques.