Sentence Examples

  • 1 per maund, the rate being uniform all over India.
  • In 1903 the rate was fixed at R.12 per maund, against R.2 for the rest of India.
  • At Peterborough Abbey, in 1530, Wolsey made "his maund in Our Lady's Chapel, having fifty-nine poor men whose feet he washed and kissed; and after he had wiped them he gave every of the said poor men twelve pence in money, three ells of good canvas to make them shirts, a pair of new shoes, a cast of red herrings and three white herrings."
  • The agricultural department of the government of Bengal are now fully alive to the importance of fostering the jute industry by showing conclusively that attention to scientific agriculture will make two maunds of jute grow where only one maund grew before.
  • These are valued respectively at 10 to 7 and 5 rupees per maund of 82, 2 7 lb.

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