Sentence Examples

  • What color is the hair of the center mannequin in Limited Too's right-side window?
  • One option is for teams of party guests to design the most creative dress out of toilet paper with one of their teammates serving as the mannequin, while another option is to simply race to wrap one teammate up as a mummy.
  • A couple years later, Gisele's mom enrolled her in the Dilson Steins Mannequin course to help correct her slouching posture along with her sisters Patricia and Gabriela.
  • Born in 1956, Kim Cattrall first make her mark in Hollywood by appearing in a handful of fun yet critically panned movies such Porky's, Mannequin, and Police Academy.
  • In fact, situated right in downtown Placerville, you'll discover a building with a mannequin hung from the neck, hanging from a rafter sticking out of a building.