Sentence Examples

  • The hierarchy of dukes and marquises and counts consisted of foreign soldiers imposed on.
  • The discords which followed on the break-up of the Carolingian power, and the weakness of the so-called Italian emperors, who were unable to control the feudatories (marquises of Ivrea and Tuscany, dukes of Friuli and Spoleto), from whose ranks they sprang, exposed Italy to ever-increasing misrule.
  • Florence is the capital of a province of the same name, and the central government is represented by a prefect (prefetto), while local government is carried on by a mayor (sindaco) Under the Carolingian emperors Tuscany was a March or margraviate, and the marquises became so powerful as to be even a danger to the Empire.
  • Later it submitted to the marquises of Monferrato, and in the middle of the 14th century passed to the house of Savoy.
  • It again began to flourish under the marquises of Tuscany, who governed it in the name of the emperor.