Sentence Examples

  • He himself was safe in the independent duchy of Lorraine with Emilie de Breteuil, marquise du Chatelet,' with whom he began to be intimate in 1733; he had now taken up his abode with her at the château of Cirey.
  • If the English visit may be regarded as having finished 1 Gabrielle Emilie Le Tonnelier de Breteuil, marquise du Chatelet (1706-1749), was the daughter of the baron de Breteuil, and married the marquis du Chatelet-Lomont in 1725.
  • Hamel, An Eighteenth Century Marquise (1910).
  • He returned to France during the Consulate, and in 1801 married the marquise de Lescure, widow of his brother's friend, who was mortally wounded at Cholet.
  • Nettement, Vie de Mme la Marquise de La Rochejacquelein (Paris, 1876).