Sentence Examples

  • The title of giudice was abolished and a feudal marquisate substituted.
  • Frederick fled for Lombard his life by the Mont Cenis, and in 1168 the town of Alessandria was erected to keep Pavia and the marquisate in check.
  • His grandson, Louis Duverger, seigneur de La Rochejacquelein, was a devoted adherent of Henry II., and was badly wounded at the battle of Arques; other members of the family were also distinguished soldiers, and the seigniory was raised to a countship and marquisate in reward for their services.
  • In the middle ages Ivrea was the capital of a Lombard duchy, and later of a marquisate; both Berengar II.
  • He proved his skill in the negotiations concerning the marquisate of Saluzzo and the town of Genoa.