Sentence Examples

  • Increase of wealth and the influence of returned emigrants tend to soften Maronite character, and the last remnants of the barbarous state of the community - even the obstinate blood-feud - are disappearing.
  • The communities now recognized are the Latin (or Catholic), Greek (or Orthodox), Armenian Catholic, Armenian Gregorians, Syrian, and United Chaldee, Maronite, Protestant and Jewish.
  • Aleppo is an important consular station for all European powers, the residence of the Greek and Armenian Patriarchs of Antioch, and of Jacobite and Maronite bishops, and a station of Roman Catholic and Protestant missions.
  • The Maronite scholar, Joseph Simon virgin Assemani (1687-1768), first identified her with the royal and wealthy lady of Alexandria (Eusebius, Hist.
  • ASSEMANI, the name of a Syrian Maronite family of famous Orientalists.