Sentence Examples

  • Just remember, bad habits are hard to break, so unless you are completely confident you won't top your pasta with Alfredo sauce instead of marinara, then go ahead and try incorporating some of your old menu ideas into your new lifestyle.
  • The example given on the Weight Watchers site, for example, compares four ravioli with marinara sauce to a plate full of whole wheat pasta, shrimp, broccoli, tomatoes, and marinara sauce--both equal 10 points.
  • This particular basket is also packed with cinnamon roasted cashews, chocolate cookies, sesame breadsticks, garlic pasta mix, dipping herbs, penne pasta and Colavita marinara sauce.
  • You can dress up a jarred marinara sauce by adding fresh herbs and sautéed garlic, or you can choose to make your own tomato, pesto, or alfredo sauce to serve with the dish.
  • Yes, I was approaching this like a marinara, but as I said to Chefette, enchiladas are just a variation of manicotti and manicotti are served with marinara.

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