Sentence Examples

  • In associating St Pelagia with St Marina, St Margaret, and others, of whom either the name or the legend recalls Pelagia, Hermann Usener has endeavoured to show by a series of subtle deductions that this saint is only a Christian travesty of Aphrodite.
  • Oliver (Madrid, 1876-1880); and Antigua marina catalana, by F.
  • Of Catanzaro Marina on the east coast, and 20 m.
  • The sea-otter (Enhydris marina) has been destroyed.
  • Of the newspapers of Havana the most notable is the El Diario de la Marina (established in 1838; under its present name, 1844 morning and evening), which was almost from its foundation an official organ of the Spanish government, and generally the mouthpiece of the most intransigent peninsular opinion in all that concerned the politics of the island.