Sentence Examples

  • Whether Hollywood’s obsession with thin sets an unhealthy example is up to debate, but one thing is for sure: the average size of Hollywood actresses has been on a downward spiral since Marilyn Monroe graced the screen.
  • Marilyn Monroe made the halter dress popular with her stunning white ensemble that is the inspiration for costumes like the one featured on Fierce Costumes but you don't have to opt for a costume to get a glamorous look.
  • Figure enhancing styles like lace-up corsets with bows, lace, and garter belts inspired by stars like Marilyn Monroe may be just the answer for a romantic soul looking to spice up the bedroom without going overboard.
  • Marilyn Monroe is considered one of the gold standards of beauty and sensuality on the big screen, but even though her beauty is still exalted today she would be hard pressed to get a job in modern Hollywood.
  • They flatter the bust area, and when worn with boy shorts or hipster bikini bottoms, create a look reminiscent of the type of swimsuits worn by classic icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Esther Williams.