Sentence Examples

  • MARIANAS, or Maranhas, a tribe of South American Indians on the river Jutahy, north-western Brazil.
  • Marianas are also found on the upper reaches of the Putumayo across to the Yapura.
  • The following islands may be classified as oceanic, but not with any of the three main divisions: the Bonin Islands, north of the Marianas, belonging to Japan; Lord Howe and Norfolk Islands (to New South Wales); Easter Island (to Chile); the Galapagos Islands (to Ecuador).
  • As to the distribution of coral reefs within the Pacific area, in Micronesia the northern Marianas (volcanic) are without reefs, which, however, are well developed in the south.
  • Magellan reached the " Ladrones " (Marianas) in 1521, and voyaged thence to the Philippines, where he was killed in a local war.