Sentence Examples

  • Spangles of mica are much used for decorative purposes of various kinds, and the mineral was formerly known as glacies Mariae (Ger., Frauenglas) because of its use for decorating statues of the Virgin.
  • The Evangelium de Nativitate Mariae is a redaction of the latter.
  • This story is much amplified in the account given by St John of Damascus in the homilies In dormitionem Mariae, which are still read in the Roman Church as the lesson during the octave of the feast.
  • Mariae conceptu; an dogmatico decreto definiri possit?
  • Mariae were published at Bologna in 1734, as also twelve Sonate d'intavolatura; six Sonate per l'organo ed it cembalo in 1747; and Duetti da camera in 1763.

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