Sentence Examples

  • Ask your manicurist if you can purchase some extra jewels and clear polish, or visit your local craft store and try to match the rhinestones that you already, quite literally, have on hand.
  • Whether you are a nail hobbyist or a licensed manicurist hoping to expand your services, the following resources can help you learn more about this unique form of nail painting.
  • A manicurist patient of Dr. Stuart Nordstrom pointed out that the odor of a temporary tooth cap was unusually similar to that of the materials used to mold porcelain nails.
  • Nail piercing really should be done by a professional manicurist at least for the first time, so that you can watch and learn how to get the job done correctly on your own.
  • Some women believe that going straight to the local manicurist and getting false nails applied to their natural ones is the best route to go when it comes to nail designs.