Sentence Examples

  • These juniors clothing stores sell the same general selection of products featured in the catalog and online shopping portal, although for sheer variety of colors, designs and sizes, they can never beat their mail-order cousins.
  • Provocateur - With a thriving mail-order catalog, Web site, and shops located throughout the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Hong Kong, and America, Agent Provocateur is a heavy hitter in the lingerie biz.
  • Like a lot of mail-order offers, read the fine print to see if your name and address will be added to a mailing list, if you can opt out and how long it will take before your catalog arrives.
  • This company, which also has a mail-order catalog, offers trellises for cucumbers that allow them to shade other plants, classic tomato cages, spiral supports, bean towers, maypoles and more.
  • Starting as an import mail-order company in 1982, the Internet has since boosted Cannon's merchandise visibility and sales to a level far beyond what she could have originally dreamed.