Sentence Examples

  • - Seed-vessel (capsule) of the Flower-de-Luce (iris), opening in a loculicidal manner.
  • See Simeon Luce, Hist.
  • Taken in connexion with a statement which almost immediately precedes this - " Cereos autem non clara luce accendimus, sicut frustra calumniaris: sed ut noctis tenebras hoc solatio temperemus " (§ 7) - this seems to point to the fact that the ritual use of lights in the church services, so far as already established, arose from the same conservative habit as determined the development of liturgical vestments, i.e.
  • He was ordained minister of New Luce in Galloway in 1660, but had to leave his parish under Middleton's Ejectment Act in 1663.
  • Luce and G.