Sentence Examples

  • And the algebraists or arithmeticians of the 16th century, such as Luca Pacioli (Lucas de Borgo), Geronimo or Girolamo Cardano (1501-1576), and Niccola Tartaglia (1506-1559), had used geometrical constructions to throw light on the solution of particular equations.
  • CHARLES LUCAS (1713-1771), Irish physician and politician, was the son of a country gentleman of small means in Co.
  • Having studied medicine at Paris, Lucas took the degree of M.D.
  • On the appointment of Lord Halifax as lord lieutenant in the same year Lucas wrote him a long letter (19th of Sept.
  • Lucas brought in a bill in his first session to effect this reform, but was defeated on the motion to have the bill sent to England for approval by the privy council; and he insisted upon the independent.