Sentence Examples

  • However, if you're a fan of fashionable low-priced footwear and you're not located near any one of Cathy Jean's store locations, then you may rejoice in the fact that the official site also allows for some serious online shopping!
  • While prices like this might appear to be great bargains, you may want to avoid very low-priced navel jewelry since the materials these cheaper rings are made of may aggravate the skin and piercing.
  • If you frequently lose your sunglasses, or like to have a dozen different pair to accessorize with however, a very low-priced pair of replica Chanel's might be your best bet.
  • An airier version of the original Jovan Musk fragrance, this scent is just one part of the large Jovan collection, a low-priced range sold primarily at drugstores.
  • Most of the well-known camera companies sell a wide range of cameras, so you are sure to find the features you want in a low-priced digital camera.