Sentence Examples

  • It was facilitated by trained tutors who themselves have long-term health problems.
  • Fixing credit reporting mistakes will have an immediate impact on your credit score (relatively speaking -- it may take a few months for everything to fall into place), but long-term damage like missed payments will take time to repair.
  • Whether you are looking for a part time job that is flexible enough to allow you to work while attending school or if you are seeking a long-term career opportunity, seeking a position with major retailer might be a great idea for you.
  • Gene therapy: Scientists are starting to test the efficiency of gene therapy protocols in mice and are simultaneously developing a new gene therapy protocol for A-T which would allow for stable, long-term production of the ATM protein.
  • Other less obvious environmental factors can also play a part in the development of conduct disorder; several long-term studies have found an association between maternal smoking during pregnancy and the development of CD in offspring.