Sentence Examples

  • Sumach, liquorice and madder are also grown in the south.
  • In diameter, which lift the water to a trough at the top of the dam, whence it is distributed among the gardens and melon patches, rice, cotton, tobacco, liquorice and durra fields, between the immediate bed of the river and the rocky banks which shut it out from the desert.
  • Liquorice was largely grown as early as 1700-1701, when the corporation prohibited the sale of buds or sets of the plant.
  • Endless masses of tall weeds, belonging to a few species, cover the face of the country - large Cruciferae, Cynareae and Umbelliferae - also large quantities of liquorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra and echinata) and Lagonychium, and the white ears of the Imperata.
  • Liquorice also is collected and exported.