Sentence Examples

  • Lister for isolating a pure culture of lactic acid bacterium.
  • The oxidation of the glycols led him to homologues of lactic acid, and a controversy about the constitution of the latter with H.
  • In the remedy just mentioned the salicylic acid forms the basis; but sometimes chloride of zinc or lactic acid is added to it to make it act more quickly, and these are the adjuvants.
  • It may be diminished or its increase prevented by a diet from which red meat and meat extracts are excluded, by the use of the lactic acid bacillus, by the administration of laxatives and cholagogues to regulate the bowels, and by the use of iodides and nitrites.
  • To these injurious microbes Metchnikoff has given the name of "wild," and he proposes to restore health by giving "tame" microbes, such as lactic acid bacilli.