Sentence Examples

  • This recycling method is very labor-intensive as the molten glass with color already added, is poured into a pancake on a metal table and then pressed with a cookie cutter-like form to create the squares.
  • Obviously, homeowners want the product to work well; however, many are also very concerned with not having to reapply the treatment every year, due to how labor-intensive applying the stain can be.
  • Saves Energy: Organic farming is less dependent on petroleum products for energy as many of the labor-intensive practices common to organic procedures are still done by hand.
  • If you are getting a unique groom cake that requires labor-intensive decoration or the cake to be shaped, expect to pay significantly more for your cake.
  • Singer was one of the first manufacturer's to offer a personal sewing machine to replace the labor-intensive task of sewing with needle and thread.