Sentence Examples

  • If you love to swim, snorkel, kayak, ski, snowboard, or you are simply looking for a durable camera that can withstand a beating; Olympus' waterproof line should fit your needs.
  • It's expensive to repair a fiberglass kayak, but if you plan on taking care of the kayak and use it for touring or recreational purposes, then this material is right for you.
  • Professional racers and expert boaters probably do, but in general, most consumers may not realize that picking the perfect kayak (or even a mountain bike) means a little bit of research and knowledge.
  • Prices from $14.99 (the Worldwide Sportsman Key West Shorts from Keys Kayak Fishing, for example) to $79.00 (the Ex Officio Convertible Pants with Insect Shield ® from L.L. Bean).
  • If you're not the type to sit back on a lounge chair and sip a cocktail while sailing off into the sunset, you'll love cruises that allow you to hike, kayak, and more.