Sentence Examples

  • But in two months (May to June 1857) Marshal Randon made himself master of it, and built in the heart of this country Fort Napoleon (now Fort National), " the thorn in the side of Kabylia," whose batteries commanded all the Kabyle villages of the region.
  • This is exactly of the modern Kabyle style in Algeria, and entirely disappeared from Egypt very early in the prehistoric age.
  • The Kabyle women have stood side by side with their husbands in battle.
  • Whatever these dialects be called, the Kabyle, the Shilha, the Zenati, the Tuareg or Tamashek, the Berber language is still essentially one, and the similarity between the forms current in Morocco, Algeria, the Sahara and the far-distant oasis of Siwa is much more marked than between the Norse and English in the sub-Aryan Teutonic group. The Berbers have, moreover, a writing of their own, peculiar and little used or known, the antiquity of which is proved by monuments and inscriptions ranging over the whole of North Africa.
  • This technique is in every way closely akin to that of the modern Kabyle.